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Corporate gifts are the new client dinners

July 28 2020
In the age of COVID, client outings are no longer an option - but good client gifts can help fill that gap! These are 3 ways client gifts can produce more ROI than traditional client dinners.

The No. mistake brands make with client gifts

July 12 2020
Brands are making a big mistake when it comes to their client gifts. Learn what it is, why it's such a bad idea, and what to do instead.

How to win business with good gifts

June 22 2020
I once won a deal with a major Milan fashion house by gifting the decision maker a $45 poop bag holder (really). Sounds crazy, but there are 3 takeaways every business person can implement into their own client gifting strategy to stand out and win business.

Stats that prove employee gifts are always worth it

June 5 2020
Employee gifts can go a lot farther than employer's think - and they can easily SAVE businesses money when done the right way. It's especially important to have a good employee gifting program in place during COVID and the new work-from-home era.