Ongoing "life moment" gifts

The Client Asked: Calendly wanted to start an ongoing gift program for employees that made it easy for managers to recognize big life moments: new babies, new homes, and marriages. It was important to them that each gift feel as inclusive as possible.


We Answered: We created custom boxes for each occasion: newlywed boxes included items like non-alcoholic sparkling wine and a Newlywed Cookbook; New Home boxes featured a luxe blanket, and New Addition boxes could be further customized based on the age of the new child, from newborn to toddler.

We then designed a set of custom mailer boxes that were fun and on-brand, while steering clear of any non-inclusive imagery.

Finally, we created a custom GiftHub where Calendly managers could easily send a notice to recipients in order to get their most up-to-date address.


Client Feedback:


"The team at Rare Assembly was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were extremely responsive, detailed & creative. Everyone loved the product & the extra touches made the gifts feel extra luxurious."

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