Thank you for

choosing a gift

that gives twice.

We hope the gift in your hands brought a smile to your face because it definitely has for someone else. Rare Assembly takes pride in curating considered, memorable and elevated gifts. Together with design powerhouse EAT Studio we’ve taken that ethos one step further. Now your gift donates $5 to Shoes That Fit to support the wonderful work they do.

Shoes That Fit gift a brand new pair of athletic shoes to kids that would normally go without. With 1 in 3 American children living in poverty, this kind of help transforms a child’s confidence, self-esteem and academic performance.

Happy Holidays.

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EAT Studio is a world-class design studio founded by Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Their uniquely diverse perspective has made them an invaluable asset to some of today's most exciting start-ups as well as global brands, including Netflix, Amazon, Twitch, adidas, Lyft, Red Bull, and many more.

Founded by Kyla Brennan, Rare Assembly sources unique, high-quality products to collate into bespoke packages for corporate and personal gifting. Every item is hand-selected from a small business and put together by the team in the US.

Shoes That Fit are one of the four charities we’ve come together to support this year. It wouldn’t be possible without you and your support for this project. If you have any thoughts or feedback we’d love to hear from you.

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