Corporate Gifting

We were built for corporate gifting.

Our founder created Rare Assembly after nearly a decade running a multi-million dollar marketing firm, during which time she worked with hundreds of the world's best brands and saw firsthand just how far a good gift could go in the business world.


We've applied this extensive experience to each one of our gifts, making corporate gifting easier and more effective than ever.

Let's say it together:
"Branded swag is not a gift.
It's a promotion."

Making a gift about them instead of you is the easiest way to stand out from the generic, overly branded products they're getting from other companies, and makes your gesture feel infinitely more genuine.

What else makes a great corporate gift?

Focus on "practical luxuries".

Don’t add clutter to their lives with products that are too generic or try too hard to be unique. Neither will be used, and both will be quickly forgotten. Instead, send items that they'll use often but in a nicer version than what they'd buy for themselves.

Products that are hard to find (& fabulous to discover).

You don’t want to them to spot your gifts in the aisles of Target or their local grocery store. People love to feel like they’ve discovered something new and unique, and it says a lot about your company if you're the one to introduce them to it.

Equal emphasis on quality and aesthetic

No company wants to be seens as cheap, stuffy, or old-fashioned ... so why send gifts that create that impression? Well made, artisanal products in beautiful, modern packaging is a winning combination 100% of the time. (And never forget the handwritten card!)